Mastering ?
Mastering, or more specifically pre-mastering, is the final step in the making of a record. It involves :
– Error checking and removal : clics, pops, etc.
– Balancing each track in the context of a record. In includes : spectral enhancement, analog colouration, stereo enhancement, dynamic enhancement and loudness gain. Of course, each process is done if and only if it is needed)
– Sequencing the tracks (fades, gaps, …)
– Redbook Standard (PQ coding, iSRC, EAN/UPC, CD Text…)
– Burning the PMCD or making the DDPi files to correct specifications
– Careful quality control
– Burning a reference CD or uploading references files
If mastering a single track, it just involves the first step (balancing the track). It’s a good idea to send some reference track of the same music style that you wish your tracks to “sound like”.

Files delivery
You can send us the files via our ftp, internet delivery (yousendit, dropbox, sendspace, …), on a usb card, SD card, CDR, or DVDR via postal delivery.

Which formats are accepted ?
We accept the following digital formats :
– Wav (24 bits & 32 bits float preferred, 16 bits accepted)
– Aiff (24 bits preferred, 16 bits accepted)
– Flac (24 bits preferred, 16 bits accepted)
– MP3 (only if no other format is available, and 320 kbps preferred)

Are there free revisions ?
At Storm Mastering, we are happy only if you are, so we offer unlimited free revisions (within reason !).

Legal info ?
SASU au capital de 500€
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12 rue du Pré d’Elle 38240 MEYLAN FRANCE
+33/6 76 77 88 82.