Welcome to Storm Mastering.

Mastering is the last step before a record gets duplicated. For the best results, it is necessary that an objective person, with great room, monitoring, high end analog gear and experience does the final processing needed to enhance cohesion and listening experience of an album and assure its translation to the largest amount of different audio systems, from cheap ear buds to big PA systems in festivals (that I know quite well because I’m producing and playing on those quite regularly). Because the mastering engineer is a dedicated professional, and does this every day, he know in just a few seconds of hearing the song what it needs. It can go from drastic mix correction for a bedroom producer with difficult acoustics and problems with translation to very small and subtle tweaks to a stellar mix.

Anyway, I like challenges and never reject a project and, if needed, will take some time to listen in advance to your mixes and will suggest some tweaks to ensure the best possible master at no additional costs.

You will find on this website a presentation of the studio and gear, an FAQ and a booking form. There are some pictures of the gear, studio, and my previous works on the slideshow above. For any inquiries, please contact me with the contact form on the “Booking” page.

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